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MELT at Westport Pilates East

  • Westport Pilates East 1015 Post Road East Westport, CT, 06880 United States (map)

Do you have chronic pain in your body? Feel stiff and achey when getting out of bed in the morning or out of a chair after sitting for a while, but you forget about it because it goes away after you move for a bit? Maybe going up & down the stairs hurts your knees and hips? Perhaps you work out a TON and chalk up your aches to the 'no pain, no gain' paradigm, so you put up with constant soreness.

Maybe your body feels fine, but your digestion is inconsistent, you are bloated and can't enjoy many of your favorite foods for fear of how negatively your body will respond. Or, worse yet, you haven't had a decent night's sleep in years because you have insomnia or have to get up to pee in the middle of every night.

There is a chance NONE of that relates to you, which is GREAT, yet you have a desire to run faster, lift more, ride stronger and lose that lower belly paunch that drives you nuts, despite all of your diet and exercise efforts.

If any of the above speaks to you, then MELT is definitely something for you to try! The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment technique, using small balls for the hands and feet and a soft roller for the body to help reduce pain, create stability and quiet the stress reflex.
MELT is the perfect 'in addition to' technique to any activity. In just 10 minutes a day, you can create positive changes to the body that are not addressed in traditional exercises, yet will ENHANCE those exercises.

You just may find that from MELTing regularly, you feel better, have more energy, your belly flattens out, you are less sore after a workout, your joints move better, your rides are stronger, Pilates is more effective and you can finally SLEEP!

If that sounds appealing, then please join MELT Master Instructor, Amanda Cizek, for weekly MELT classes to learn how various moves and sequences that you can do at home on your own in as little as ten minutes a day to reduce pain, heal injury and perform better.

All you need to do is bring yourself, a bottle of water and a yoga mat if you have one, and be sure to wear comfortable clothing (think Sports Authority. Lululemon, Sweaty Betty or Athleta!). All MELT equipment will be provided by Amanda.

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MELT at Westport Pilates East
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