The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I know that it is wise to enjoy the journey and not just look to the destination, but since the destination is only two weeks away, I must say I am over the journey.

Two more weeks of classes and I am officially done with massage therapy school.

This is not to say I haven't enjoyed it. The learning has been amazing, the experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yet, it has sucked the life out of me and fried my brain to a crispy nothing.

If I didn't have that darn thing called a Full Time Job, I am sure my house would be clean, my laundry washed, folded and put away, and my calendar open to that other darn thing called a Social Life.

I had big plans at the start of school to blog about the experience once a week. I have been in school since January 2010. You can see how well I progressed. What are there, 6 entries?

So, before me lies my acupressure final (pray for me on this one... Chinese Medicine is not my strength), a project for Business Fundamentals as well as a take home and open book exam, a few more Clinic Sessions (my favorite, yet brutal on a Friday night after a full week of work), and lastly... the National Exam.

My plan is to sit for the big National Exam the Saturday following my acupressure final... if I remember to schedule it tomorrow. My memory for basic things like scheduling my own life, writing rent checks and sending birthday cards in a timely manner has gone in hiding (my poor niece... daily I forget to send her card and check for her long past January Sweet 16 birthday).

Assuming all goes according to plan, I will pass all tests and remember to buy a new dress for my graduation on July 29th.

After that... I haven't a clue.

I'll just follow the light and see where it takes me.