The Energy You Give Yourself.


I get it. We have all struggled with body shaming at some point thanks to what 'they' say is beautiful and ideal. In the past, I have had women on my table at the spa ask me to 'break up' their cellulite. I would politely respond with silence, while inside I am screaming at them for such a superficial and ungrateful request.

Cellulite is nothing more than adipose tissue and the appearance of it is evidence of cellular dehydration (thanks to prolonged sitting). It is there for warmth, energy, and protection. It is intelligent, vibrant and necessary. When and why did it ever become the bad guy?? There are torture devices and expensive surgeries dedicated to removing this 'unwanted' tissue, but here's what is backwards: Leaving it be does you know harm. Freezing it or vacuuming it out of you is guaranteed to cause you problems for a lifetime.

As I age, I find myself losing patience with those who stick out their bottom lip and put about not having the 'perfect body'. When I catch someone making a self- loathing body comment, I will respond with, "Well you are standing, aren't you?"

Here's the thing: This is the ONLY body you are getting, so you best take care on how you treat it and what you say to it. Want better understanding? Just go spend some time with someone living in a wheelchair from a spinal cord injury. I dare you to ask one of them what they think about cellulite. Go volunteer at a a nursing home or memory care facility for a month and let me know how many times you hear someone whine about the size of their rear end. These two examples require able bodies humans to transfer them from bed to chair to toilet to bath. They rely on and PAY MONEY for other people to bathe them, dress them, feed them, and toilet them. Their aides do for these unable people what we able bodied do without thinking.

Take a moment and remember back to a time when you threw your back out and could hardly breathe, let alone move. Were you thinking, "gee, I better call the plastic surgeon and schedule my liposuction"? No, you were wondering who to call to help you move again because you suddenly got a glimpse of what life looks like when you are unable to do basic tasks of daily living.

Tomorrow morning when you wake, take a moment to thank your heart for beating, your lungs for breathing, your eyes for seeing and your ears for hearing. Move your body around and give gratitude for the ability to move your arms and legs. Rejoice in the ability to walk, run, and hug... to make a cup of coffee all by yourself. Say THANK YOU to you.