The Pause Between...


“When one door closes, another one opens.”

How many times have we heard that expression said to us or said it to someone we love in an attempt to cheer them from the funk of disappointment?

I do believe that statement to be true on a practical and even an energetic level. At the same time, when it is YOU who has just had a door slam in your face, the sting of rejection is painful. It is a loss and carries with it all the emotions of loss.

Of course, some doors are more profound than others. For example, losing a job suddenly is terrifying, especially if there is no rainy day fund to keep you from drowning. I should know. I have been there. I stumbled my way through that closed door for three years, frantically pulling on other doors that seemed to be locked. I countered loss with desperation, trying everything I could to make a million out of a quarter. Eventually I surrendered solopreneurship for a spa job and slowly climbed my way out of my self-defeating hole.

In the past year, new doors opened that I have been able to walk through and enjoy along with my spa job (which I love, by the way). Just recently, though, one of those doors closed.

It is not a crisis, but it is a disappointment.

The last two days my thoughts and emotions bounced from anger to relief to sadness. I didn’t fight these thoughts and emotions, though. I gave myself permission to experience them in order to move through to the next phase, whatever it might be.

Today I feel grateful. I admit, that I am still smarting a bit that something was abruptly taken from me without communication, but the stronger pull is that of gratitude.

I am grateful that particular door closed. It is as if the Universe is clearing the space for a better, more lucrative and satisfying opportunity to come my way. I feel hopeful and excited.

I am simulatneously a tad anxious and resisting the urge to fill this time between with desperate measures… I have learned that lesson from the past. Still, the pause between the doors can feel like purgatory, unsure of the next move to make and when to make it.

What I realized this morning is that this pause is actually another opportunity. Rather than viewing it as purgatory, it is instead a moment of stillness to take inventory of all the wonderfulness that is. This pause between the doors allows me the ability to really think and map out what I want in my life.

I know that I want my ‘work’ to be joyful. My vision has always been, and continues to be, one of helping others live their best lives now. The best way for me to do that is not just through action, but by example. Accepting and embracing the pause is part of me living my best life now!

No, it is not a crisis that this particular door closed. It is the opposite. It is a gift.

The doors are all closed for now, but there is peace in the stillness. May we all embrace the stillness and be grateful for the pause between.

Be Awesome In Your Body.