Pitch it, Ditch It, Burn it: Full Moon Power!

full moon waves and boat.jpg

You may have heard the expression 'the power of letting go’; of releasing that which no longer serves you. Reading that expression causes a giant roll of the eyes and a ‘whatever’ out of the mouth of the snarky. 

Indeed, it seems cliché, yet it is no less relevant and important.

What exactly is there to let go?

It could be anything from a closet full of clothing circa 1989 to the wedding album of a failed marriage or a grudge held deep over decades for something that now is irrelevant.

There is safety in holding on. Those things we cling to are part of us; they make up our history. If we let it go, there may be regret, a sense of loss of identity…

So, is the power of letting go good or bad?

Ah! Now THAT is the million-dollar question!

The power lies in intention.

WHY is it important to let go of that old wardrobe, that wedding album or grudge? If your intention were to release feelings of anger and bitterness so that you may experience joy, then I would say that intention is positively powerful! If you are throwing away your ex’s belongings out of anger and spite, that may come back to bite you in a negative way.

Releasing what no longer serves us allows us to sit in our truth, be authentic, and in doing so, those things that once broke our hearts or made us feel nostalgic, are now great lessons; our greatest teacher.

We cannot grow if we do not release, and if you are not growing, you are dying.

Releasing can happen anytime and anywhere because it is a choice. However, if you are the type of person who needs encouragement to release with confidence, there is no better time than on a Full Moon.

Astrologically speaking, the Moon is all about emotions, feelings, potential and intuition. When the Moon is Full the energy is strong and powerful… just go to the ocean and look at the waves! If the pull of the Full Moon can do that to a giant body of water, imagine what it can do to ours! 

Indeed, some are more sensitive to this energy than others, yet on the whole, we can all benefit from this energy to rid ourselves of the unnecessary. It is a way to clean out in order to later fill in with all that DOES serve you!

So, on this Full Moon, think about what it is that you want to get out of your life so that you may be open to receive what you desire.

Use this day to load up your car with things to donate to charity. Give blankets and pillows you don’t use to the homeless. See if someone else in the family would find joy in having your old wedding album. 

Consider having a ‘burning ceremony’ in either a fire pit or fireplace… write down those things you wish to rid yourself of on a piece of paper (bad feelings, debt, relationships, the past), then bless them and toss them into the fire. 

If you really want power, burn old journals (or old wedding photo albums) that hold all of your past angst, complaining and worry… I know that one seems terrifying, but it is amazing how light you feel after doing it. 

If that is all too much for you today, get yourself a copy of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo to learn more on the topic and get inspired to make change.

Really, just go outside, in the light of the beautiful moon… give thanks and make the choice to let go. You'll be glad you did.