Not Dead Yet!


I was pretty sure I was either going to pass out, vomit or die last Saturday in Rhodie Lorenz’s morning spin class at JoyRide.

My name is Amanda and I am a Fitness Professional.

A very out of shape Fitness Professional.

Recently I re-energized my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Next Monday I am starting Marie Forleo’s B-School and I need/want to be alert and strong as I go through the rigorous program. I am also 45 and have a middle-age wine belt around my waist that I would like to take off… which also means reducing my wine intake.

In the past I was a marathon runner, swimmer, personal trainer, rower and all around fitness lover. The thought of re-energizing this commitment, which had collected dust on the shelf of resistance for over two years, seemed a challenge, but one that I was confident I could conquer with grace and ease. After all, I MELT regularly and recently started once a week workout classes at Orangetheory Fitness. I was doing pretty well with those, I thought. How bad could a spin class be?

Here’s the truth: Regular lack of consistent exercise, where you elevate your heart rate, step way outside your comfort zone, challenge your endurance and strengthen your body acts a lot like compound interest, and according to Einstein, "Compound Interest is the most powerful force in the Universe."

A great concept when applied in a positive manner with money or just good habits. Not so much for a 40 – something who delighted in the pleasures of wine with lunch over a run in the park because she could.

No, left to time, the lack of regular exercise, in whatever form, will result in nothing short of decline and deterioration. The interest on the interest in my case was sizeable.

As I mentioned, I almost died on Saturday.

Ok, maybe that is a dramatic statement, but I will say that is how I felt and feelings are never wrong.

Not for a minute could I keep up with the class. I was embarrassed and felt that I had no business being in that class. During the warm up my heart rate spiked to vfib levels. Defeated within the first 5 minutes, I sat back in the saddle and loosened the resistance.

Thoughts of self-deprecation rolled through my head:

‘Surely the bikes to the left, right and back of me are mocking me'

‘Oh, please don’t see me being so LAME, Rhodie!’

‘I suck at spinning! I suck at bikes in general!’

'Slow twitch muscle fibers… that is all I am made up of.’


‘Shit… I think I may pass out…’

‘WHY did I have two margaritas and a glass of wine last night??’

Then I actually LISTENED to Rhodie.. all along she was talking (and riding… WTH??), encouraging her room of riders to great heights. Every word was full of belief, love and pride for her morning flock. One thing she said would get me through the remaining torturous half-hour of class: “Your attitude is everything. Whether out there or in here, what you think is what matters. You got this”.

Well, I didn’t really have it, but I did decide on the spot to change my attitude and my internal dialogue:

'My legs are still moving!'

'I’m not dead yet!' (and yes, said exactly like Monty Python)

'I am so grateful to be here!'

'Rhodie is AMAZING! Her energy is INFECTIOUS!'

'If everyone in here can do it, I know one day I can too!'

'No where to go but up, because any lower is death!'

Ok, the last one is not really so positive, but you get the gist.

What I love about JoyRide is their philosophy of no judgments… just empty your mind, get lost in your body and be full of JOY! The only judgment was the judgment I put on myself to feel bad for being so weak.

I made it out alive, thank goodness, and made a decision that I would be back. It may not get easier, but I will get stronger, and that is really the goal.

Since Saturday, I have MELTed… a LOT… and kicked my own ass at Orangetheory yesterday morning.

Later today I will MELT even more because tomorrow morning I am signed up for another JoyRide class.

Pray for me.