The White Room

This is where I dwell at present.

A white room.  No direction, no instruction.

I have no office to report to.  No schedule.  No rules.  Almost no money.

Yet, I am not afraid.  There is an inexplicable trust and faith that all is unfolding the way it is meat to.

Although I dreams and desires, I have no clue where I am going.  Perhaps that is part of the fun.  It is definitely the journey.

This instinctual vibe is solidified for me by Tosha Silver, author of the profoundly simplistically deep spiritual book, Outrageous Openess.

Buy this book.

Learn to surrender.  To love.  To forgive.  To trust.  To accept. To know that people, places, relationships, friendships, jobs, bosses, loves and love affairs are all here for a reason, a lesson or a karmic debt / reward.

This life is a gift and meant to be lived through the heart, not the head.

See it, dream it, journal it, pray for it, be present, take action.

Did I mention love, accept and forgive?