When the Universe Answers

A year ago, I made a decision to begin setting intentions and tossing things out to the Universe.

It began after a trip to the Red Mountain Resort last July where I was assisting a MELT Strength training.  I almost backed out of the trip because things were shaky at work.  My boss was being a bully (again) and making me only as good as my last mistake.  I had a new assistant who, despite being a great study, was still wet behind the ears, and I was about to leave her to run things for the next 10 days.  My stomach was in a constant state of constriction and I really debated bowing out, but friends encouraged me to go… get away from the toxic environment.

Wiser advice could not have been given.  The trip was a path changer.  Along with a great training that I was able to contribute to, I really had a chance to take a serious look at the way I was living my life.

I had my first ever life path reading with a Shaman.  It was mystical and magical… I cried through the whole hour.  My Tarot cards were fascinating.  I think of them now and see that they really were a symbol of things to come.

My dear friend & colleague Nancy, who I also roomed with, said she kept coming in contact with messages meant for me:  an email about taking a risk with change; almost stepping on a dragon fly, the symbol of new beginnings…  She decided that this meant she was to be the messenger of God and the Universe, to tell me what I needed to hear.

I will never forget that night she spoke to me… about facing my fears, taking risks, doing what I was put on this earth to do.  My day job was safe.  It was a paycheck, but it was rotting my soul.  I needed to release this fear that was a wall to my true calling.  Once I did… Oh how I will FLY!

When I arrived home, I felt like a new woman.  Although still scared and unsure, I knew that God did have my best interests at heart and I needed to be present, listen and trust… Be proactive and step outside of my comfort zone.

So I was and I did.

As the year continued, I became more diligent in setting my intentions.  I joined a monthly New Moon Shakti Circle lead by my friend Nora who was most definitely put in my life to aid me in my metamorphasis (come to think about it, I met Nora right after I returned from Red Mountain….whoa).

My friend Allyson contacted me about her online 90-Day life and career coaching because I had popped in her head and she felt strongly that it was something for me.  I signed up and did all of the tasks, including a dream board (I used to snort at such a thing).

I journaled almost daily, writing down my dreams which consistently encompassed the theme that I wanted to be paid for being me:  A woman passionate and skilled in the Healing Arts and Performing Arts.

Advice from others was always welcome.  I said 'what the heck' and went to a highly recommended intuit… It was like three year of therapy in a single hour.

Nora did a Rekhi healing session on me, spending much time on my heart chakra.  After she told me that the hurt I was harboring was gone… she witnessed the miracle of it leaving me.  "Now you will only have opportunities come to you.  Say yes".

Which I have…

I was asked about a month ago to join a cover band as a vocalist.  I said yes and was handed a list of about thirty songs to learn in a week (uhhh….).

My former massage therapy school classmate and friend referred me to a man who was opening a home for young men continuing recovery after a 28 day program.  Today I had my first client.

A naturopathic doctor asked me to be on his team of practitioners.

I said yes to it all, believing that soon I would make enough money doing these things that I love so that I could then give my notice and go do my thing.

Cut to this past Tuesday…

I left the parking lot of my day-job office for the last time.

The week before, my boss decided he didn't want me there anymore.  It was like he told me he wanted a divorce.  I agreed to give it to him.

It was a shock for maybe a minute.  But then it made perfect sense.

The Universe answered!  Granted it was with a pink slip, but still… THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!

I allowed myself one day of mourning… I sat on my porch Thursday night, drank a bottle of wine, cried and read emails and texts full of encouraging and loving words of support from friends and family.

One week after being delivered the news and two days into my new life, I know for certain this is God's work… the power of the Universe… the help from my angels.

This began a year ago at Red Mountain the morning I emotionally took all of the things I didn't want in my life anymore, walked the labyrinth, left them in the center and walked out only with thoughts of what I wanted my life to be.

Since last week, there has not been a moment where I felt uncertain, frightened or doubtful.  I feel guided and protected by my angels and trusting of the door that has been open for me.

How even more perfect is timing:  I fly out to Red Mountain next Wednesday to assist the MELT Strength training once again.  I have my Life Path reading scheduled the day I arrive and plan to walk the labyrinth as the sun sets.

The moral of this story is clear:

When the Universe answers, say yes.