In past blog posts, I have mentioned that I named my business "Consistent Fitness" as a means to keep myself in check.  In spite of that, consistency is still a tough one for me.  I can talk myself out of going to the gym any day of the week and hit the pub with friends instead.

On Tuesday I turn 43 and will be flying to Florida to vacation with my mother for a week.  Seeing I was going to be another year closer to 50 and I would be putting my middle aged hiney in a bikini, I should get myself in some sort of bikini worthy shape.

Typically, I go the gym without a plan.  The one thing I do for sure is MELT.  I bring my own roller, mat and resistant band so that I can take myself through a nice long MELT Strength and Length Map to prepare my body for cardio and weight training.

Once I'm done MELTing, I put my things in a locker and hit the floor.... now what?  I jump around from cables to free weights to the treadmill.  It's disjointed and boring.  I figured that with ten years of a fitness professional background that I could just wing it, but the reality is that without a plan, my workouts were not what they could have been.

In the last few weeks, I have taken the time to think through and draft a workout that I now faithfullyt take with me to the gym.  I have strayed a bit from it, adding alittle bit here, changing another thing there, but the framework remains the same and the workouts are great.  I shared a couple of these workouts with friends of mine and they love them (including one's friends 53 year old mother).  

That being said, I have decided to post my workouts here on this blog so that those of you who need a little motivation and a plan can now have one.  The next post will have the workout I did a few weeks ago... it's a lovely circuit training killer.  Well, maybe not a killer, but it will get your heart pumping.  

Be sure to edit the workout based on your fitness level and / or equipment available.  If you are unsure what something is, just give it a Google search, or comment on the post.

Feed back is not just welcome, it is essential for my consistency!