The Art of Consistency?

I have just begun my third year of the annual cleanse.  It is a different one yet no less difficult.

I do these cleanses because I tend to abuse my body with the simple pleasures of life like salty snacks, alcohol, caffeine and a lazy day on the couch.  It is no so much a consistent abuse through the year but rather a collection of binging spurts that merge into a cesspool of toxic build up.  Once again I find myself bloated, lethargic and full of self-hatred.

Yet, I am a 'fitness professional' and folks look to me for fitness and nutritional advice.  Perhaps they look at my slender frame and assume me to be the picture of health.  Little do they know how unhealthy I may be at that particular moment.

This cleanse time around, I have come to a profound realization about myself.  What I noticed about my pattern is not so much that I am lazy and fall into the sin of such earthly desires as Smartfood and a good bottle of Pinot Noir.  Instead it is that I pound out of the gate, full of vigor and enthusiasm, only to run out of gas within a short period of time.  My enthusiasm wanes and before I know it, I talk myself out of whatever commitment to myself I made.  The vision is great, just the application is flawed.  Perhaps I am too enthusiastic at first?  Sort of like your eyes being bigger than your stomach?

This slow leak of excitement for my own good is not just in reference to eating right, working out regularly or not diving into a bottle of wine and four episodes of some great show on my Roku like Bridgette Jones... This pattern encompasses all of my life passions.

Take for instance this past fall when I went into New York for a four day intensive of CranioSacral II.  It was an incredible long weekend of learning, complete with intra oral and specific intuitive work.  Have I put my hands in a single persons mouth since that class?  Nope.  Not once.  And I have NO IDEA WHY.

Another fine example is my love of The MELT Method.  Assisting and working with MELT creator Sue Hitzmann has been inspiring and invigorating.  Teaching others how to self-treat their chronic pain and seeing not just their bodies, but their faces look different after a class is exhilarating.  When I MELT, I feel like a million bucks!  Do I MELT every day?  No.  Sometimes I will go (gulp) weeks without MELTing.

I also want to mention that Sue recently published the MELT Method book, went on the Dr. Oz show and now her book is on the Amazon Best Sellers list for the second day in a row... Clearly, Sue Hitzmann doesn't have a consistency problem!

Honestly, I am perplexed at my behavior.  I feel SO GOOD when I eat well, work out regularly and MELT every day.  I like what I see in the mirror when I am in my best shape.  I look strong & sexy and I feel amazing.  So why on earth wouldn't I want to continue in this pattern of greatness?  Can I blame it on my day job, please?

I named my (side) business "Consistent Fitness" years ago because I knew consistency was one of my biggest hurdles.  In bold thought, I figured if I registered a DBA to the town to my cause, I would follow suit.  Alas, my commitment to consistency is still an indelible struggle.

There must be some trick... some art to this idea of consistency, yes?  I am an artistic person!  I can relate to that!

For now, I will (promise) to stay the course with my two week cleanse from Dr. Frank Lipman.  So far it is not so bad... lots of shakes and two big healthy meals a day, plus supplements.  Not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow recommends it, so it must be perfect (insert sarcastic snort).  The hardest part with the Isagenix cleanse for me were the weekly 'cleanse' days, where I drank a nasty liquid four times a day and could only snack.  The whole cleanse was also 30 days long... I cheated every time.

Here's to a whole new me... A consistent, cheat-free me.