Thoughts on Grounding

One of the most important lessons taught in the first month of massage therapy school is the concept of grounding... Don't put your hands on the body on your table until you have FIRST grounded to protect yourself, lest you ingest any juju, bad or otherwise, from that body.

This is not just New Age bullshit, it's for real.  We are energy.  If one does not manage their energy properly, it can make them sick, fly them into a rage, run them down, wind them up and then pass it on.  That being said, if one who is poor at managing their energy does not also engage their force field from other peoples energy, well then, they are really screwed.

Grounding is not just for the treatment room.  It is for life.

I know this because I have lost my grounding as of late.  I have become lazy, I suppose.  Going to bed late and waking up late has pushed out my morning quiet time... A time I normally would spend with my coffee, something spiritual to read and some time in meditation and prayer.  Honestly... I cannot remember the last time I have done this and, as such, have lost my grounding.

Yesterday I became completely infected by the negative energies surrounding me.  My mood soured, my outlook on life was met with a snarl.  I was a complaining, ungrateful gossip.  My grounding was no where to be found and the portals to my soul were left wide open for bad juju to enter.

I went to bed in a snit after dumping my lame complaints on the phone to a friend.  I must have infected him, too, because I haven't heard from him since.  Shame on me.

I awoke today with the decision that I was not going to have another crap day.  As I went about my morning, I wondered how I was going to possibly protect myself from the numerous toxic energies that swirl around when it hit me...... Dumb dumb!  Go back to MT1!  Ground yourself!  Protect what you got and don't let in what can't be useful.

Such a simple, yet essential concept... Time to re-engage my force field and pass along only the good.