Oh my bloated belly…

This is what I get for falling hard off the health wagon nearly a year ago.

This time last year, I challenged myself with a 30-Day Isagenix Cleanse. I was very focused on the cleanse, determined to rid my toxic body of all the booze, sugar, fat and gluten I had consumed for months. My bedtime was no later than 10pm and I religiously clocked in 8 hours of sleep. Exercise was regular, MELT was a morning routine and three liters of water a must.

On the plus side, I got in great shape and my body felt amazing. My mental clarity was like nothing I had ever experienced in adult life. On the negative side, by day 20 I was day dreaming of steaks and red wine, pizza and beer, Guinness stew, margaritas, CHEESE….

As soon as my penance was over, I went right back to all the things I veered away from for 30 long days (actually, I think I threw in the towel at day 27).

Now granted, I was still in massage therapy school at the time plus working a full time job and also getting more involved with MELT. Surely indulging my palate and senses was not all together horrible… right?

Cut to today. This morning I took a photo of my bloated belly.

It may not look like much to you, but if you saw it in real life, you would make a pained face and say something like “ooooooh”.

I made the decision months ago that following the Super Bowl, I would once again give the 30-Day Isagenix Cleanse another go. This time, however, I am more determined than ever to stick with it and even keep on with the healthy eating habits following. Why? Because I am a bloated gassy stink bomb mess.

It is apparent that my body is not happy with me right now. Being chronically distended in the gut is NOT normal and neither is chronic gas. This may seem to be a TMI thing for me to put out, but I share with honesty my experience in order to educate myself and others, while also healing what is in disrepair.

Tonight, I will cheer on the Giants and eat Super Bowl food and drink beer and like it. Tomorrow morning I will have bodily regret and forgive myself by beginning the toxic purge. My kidneys and liver will finally rest, my gut will cease it’s current temper tantrum and the cells within my fascial web will rejuvinate … there will be joy and celebration with in this body which has been entrusted to me by my maker.

Along with this resolution, I also resolve to write about my journey and track my progress, so that I may be held accountable by anyone who chooses to waste a few minutes reading this pitiful testimonial. I will hopefully be able to post a photo of my deflated belly within a week or two. Until then… GO GIANTS!