TRX... The New Adventure!

Last week I participated in a TRX Suspension Training Course for Personal Trainers.  I had been curious about TRX Suspension Training for a while as I am a big fan of bodyweight training, so I thought it would be a great way to really learn it.

What a cool concept!  No wonder it is the new rage in fitness!  It was created by US Navy SEALs who needed to stay in peak condition wherever they were.  The Trainer had humble beginnings in its creation & was MacGyver'ed by the SEALs using parachute webbing and rubber boat repair tools.   These SEALs soon developed a whole array of bodyweight exercises unique to this crazy new contraption they created.

And then they got really smart and branded a brilliant product.

This single piece of equipment can be set up anywhere and it is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. It is a terrific challenge to the core, can be used as a functional training tool and definitely helps wake up the nervous system.

Our instructor showed us a nice selection from the TRX Exercise Library.  With a new toy like this, how could I not jump at the challenges?

And it seriously kicked my hide....

Of course, I could not help but see the benefits of MELT all over this.  Just doing the foot treatment before a TRX class or one-on-one session will greatly improve proprioception and balance.  Hydrating the connective tissue prior to a workout will allow the body to move through its full range of motion.  Getting on the roller before, during and after will help with recovery and the MELT Strength series will help provide hip and shoulder stability which is crucial to have to avoid injury. 

I can't wait for my TRX Suspension trainer to arrive so I can start integrating it with MELT... I will keep you posted on my discoveries along the way.

This is going to be fun!