Three Down, Two To Go!

We are wrapping up our third semester at CCMT. It has been a great one for me, with two science classes (AP II-Systems of the Body & Kinesiology) and the 'hands on' class called Energetic Foundations. I was told by a few people who have been through the class and school that this would be 'the worst' semester, with two sciences and a hands on class that has a lot of hands off.
I couldn't disagree more. For me this was the best one to date. I love science and going deeper into how things work in our bodies and Energetic Foundations totally nurtured my spiritual soul.

My classmates, few as they may be, have various opinions on the classes and I don't think any are in alignment with my overly enthusiastic view of the lymphatic, endocrine, nervous or circulatory systems. I was actually told to stop asking questions by a fellow student.

Oh man... I am now the annoying studious dork in class???? What happened to the girl who used to go to class hung over in college?

As for Energetic Foundations, I totally got into the material: Quantum Physics,
Polarity, Chakra Balancing, Human Energy Fields and the focus of approaching a massage with intention.
This class was hard for many of my classmates. It ran contrary to beliefs or had no scientific proof to render it useful. I get that and respect it, although I felt differently. Just today I gave a massage and I integrated polarity and chakra balancing. The feed back I received was 'I don't know what you did, but when you put your finger in between my eyebrows, I felt everything drain out of me.'


Last night was our last Energetic Foundations class and I am so sad to say goodbye to it (even though next semester is Sports Massage and I am pretty stoked for that).

However, a few of us chose to celebrate in style. A fun night. Now, let's just pass the last two exams...