A Gripe

This picture here shows what I was hoping to receive today, not what I got.

I received a massage today from a set of hands that had so much tension in them, I almost wanted to switch places with the therapist and help the girl out.

Good body mechanics have been hammered into our brains at school, with soft hands being among the most important if one wants to have a career that lasts more than a year. Quite frankly, I don't know how this therapist makes it though a day at Massage Envy with EIGHT massages in a row (talk about a career ender). Work smarter, not harder, right?

Forgetting the therapist for a minute and the over-taxation going on in the hands up to the neck, how about the person receiving? Oh my poor fascia! It is not even that it was too deep too fast, but just a lack of quality in the touch. A couple of plastic hands does not do the fascial system good. Our fascia is highly intelligent and sensitive, loaded with more sensory neurons than muscle. I think this therapist hurt my fascias feelings.

While I am here, I might as well complete my complaint of this massage. The therapist worked on my back for, what must have been, 25 minutes at least. I finally had to lift my head out of the cradle and say "You have worked on my back a long time. Would you mind moving on?" I was embarrassed to have to say it, but the tissue in my back was beginning to recoil from her touch.

The work on the legs was ok, but was done mainly on the muscle belly. Hello?? Tendons??? Also, this may just be me nit picking, but is a diaper drape really necessary for work on the posterior leg if you are not doing joint range of motion? I do a diaper drape when working on the anterior leg because I always work the inner thigh... another wonderful bit that I have only gotten from one therapist at this establishment. Guess I need to ask for it...

A small amount of time was left for head and neck, with hard thumbs falling anterior to my sternocleidomastoid, giving a lovely bit of compression on my carotid artery. I realize we are all different in our massage styles, but head and neck is one area that should not be skimped on. I devote the last 10-15 minutes to the neck, chest, maybe a little face and finally the head.

Oh, and energy holds? Not one. Not even at the opening. No, the sheet came right down and a 25 minute hard rubdown of my back began.

I did let the front desk know I didn't particularly enjoy my massage, so I feel I did my duty there. Truly, if ever you receive a massage that is just no good, let your voice be heard... and that includes getting one from me! The only way I will become an exceptional bodyworker is by good constructive feedback that I can use as a learning tool.

Ok... that's the end of my gripe. Next time I will stick with my friend Kate who not only works my inner thigh without being asked, but also knows how to respect fascia. Hm!