Scar Tissue: The gift that keeps on giving!

The drama with my mom continues...

The scar tissue that twisted the colon that caused the hernias and blocked the colon eventually became a nasty case of diverticulitis.

My poor mom. She has been through the wringer.

Her latest hernia repair has been tough to get over and the initial need of pain killers made it difficult to go to the bathroom. After a while of chronic constipation, the diverticulum, or outpouching of a hollow (or a fluid filled) structure, in your intestine will inflame and become infected... which is what happened to my mom.

Horrible cramps brought us back to the hospital for a CAT scan which showed the inflammation and a blood test showed a super high white blood cell count. Needless to say she was admitted and zapped with two antibiotics for the next four days and was finally sent home today, where she will continue the routine, accompanied with a very bland fiber-free diet until she is fully recovered.

Oh, and in case you were curious, here is what your intestine looks like when you develop diverticulm:

And when those diverticulum become infected:

Kinda makes you want to to do a cleanse, doesn't it?

Take care of your bodies, people! Move it, fill it with water, MELT it, get massage, and eat good food. You only get one set of intestines!