Monthly MELT Class & Privates at Fuller Yoga Pilates and Massage

Improve whole-body balance, eliminate tension in your neck and low back, and instantly feel better! Learn how to self-treat your body with MELT and gain immediate results and lasting changes that will help you maintain a pain-free, active lifestyle…longer.
MELT can help improve your yoga practice, sports performance and alleviate common body aches and pains caused by everyday living, habitual postures, and fitness activities. Reduce swelling, chronic neck and low back strain, and keep your whole body working efficiently... Even help improve digestion, sleep patterns & mental focus.  The new self-treatment concept of Hands-off Bodywork™ is in the top fitness clubs in Manhattan and is now here at Fuller Yoga Pilates and Massage!
Whether in a one-on-one instruction setting or in group classes, MELT can help you transform your body! Each month, get MELTed in the monthly morning class or in the private/semi-private one-hour sessions. The right option for you is based on personal preference. For maximum results and MELT mastery, mix it up and try them both!!
Bottom line, you will walk out feeling better than when you walked in.

The third Sunday of each month beginning Sunday, September 19th.
Group MELT Class - $30.00
One- Hour Private and Semi-Private Instruction (up to 3 people) - $125-$150

Contact Fuller Yoga Pilates and Massage to register:

1477 Park ST, 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06106