Calm after chaos

I am a bad blogger. I let my last semester at school suck away my energy and motivation to sit down and write. The whole point of this blog is to share my reflections of school as I go through them, not give a three month re-cap. This semester was an interesting one indeed, but telling about it now in summary would be quite the bore.

While I was learning a great deal in the class room between boney landmarks, muscle attachments, new stroke techniques and giving massage to the public, I probably learned the most about the value of hands-on work outside of school.

In May my mother was hospitalized with a bowel obstruction. The details of how she got to this point is a bit lengthy, but in a nutshell, four abdominal surgeries and a resulting pile of nasty scar tissue is what did it. My mother can now add a fifth abdominal surgery to her collection in the form of second hernia repair just three weeks ago.

My study on all of this...abdominal surgery and fascial very small and very new. The training I have done with Sue Hitzmann (The MELT Method) and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) have shown me the wonders of the science of connective tissue (much of it way over my head) and just how integral this system is to structure and longevity. I am determined to understand this system more and more as I have made it my mission to save people from what I have come to view as unnecessary suffering from abdominal adhesions.

I believe in the power of human touch and its ability to help encourage the healing process. I also believe that if my mother had received regular abdominal massage and learned how to enhance her neuro-core with MELT after having an ovary removed and after birthing two children via c-section, she probably would not have suffered her first hernia repair in 2007.
Her abdominal wall would not have been weakened to the degree that she would develop another hernia over her small intestine...the colon pushing through the small hole, clinching it off and resulting in a blockage that would cause her to vomit bile for 12 hours before having a nasogastric tube inserted to release the obstruction.

To me, this suffering could have been avoided. But who knew?? No one worried about such things in the 1960's! Strangely, they don't seem to worry about them now, since the option to have a c-section for the convenience of scheduling seems to be quite popular these days...

I am determined to learn more... research more... and educate others more. And when I know more, I will share it here.

In the meantime, drink water, get a massage and get to a MELT class in your neighborhood ( It is good to do your body good!