Wait for ME!!!

Recently I received my May/June issue of Massage and Bodywork Magazine. I absolutely love this publication that is full of articles on various bodywork modalities, business news & advice and research & science. The pieces span from energy work and cellular science to the pro's and con's of the massage franchise industry, which all serve as a helpful tool in the further exploration into the complex yet fascinating creation of the Human Body.

I am like a little kid in FAO Schwartz whenever I read through an issue. Every article that delves into hands on work is like a new toy I want: "Oooh! Bowenwork!! I wanna learn that!... Wait, what is this? Balancing Monkey Yoga Teacher Training?? I NEED to know THAT! Hang on... Feldenkrais.... Pretty pleeeeaaasse????"

If only I could... or maybe I can (no, perhaps I will), I would spend my months taking classes and workshops to get deeper, learn more and enhance my skills as a healer. I look at my mentors, who have been in the movement and bodywork fields for decades, and crave their knowledge, wishing I could know as much as them through osmosis. I read articles that are way over my head and recently became a fan of a neuroscience page of Facebook, when I really don't know much about the subject. It is as though I am the little runt, running madly after the big kids shouting "Wait for ME!!!"

Of course, there are no big kids leaving me behind at all. The big kids are helping to show me the way through patient (and realistic) teaching. What I need to do is enjoy the journey rather than clamor for the destination. In truth, in a field such as this, there is never a destination, but rather an endless journey of exquisite 'ah-ha!' moments that keep us on the road.

Although I am a mere toddler at this point in my career, I have already had my share of 'ah-ha' moments. Small as they may be, they are not insignificant, born out of sheer intuition for some and the classroom for others. Just teaching The MELT Method alone has been full of astounding discoveries.

In a week or so I am back at school for my second semester and closer to my future as a massage therapist. I hope my brain doesn't explode from all of the amazingness that I continue to take in...