Holy Hermione!

I just had my last final exam last night and can report with relief that I wrapped up my first semester at CCMT with a fine report card. Completely relaxing in post-school bliss is not yet possible as yesterday was Monday and I had to report for work bright and early this morning.
My classmates all seemed in good spirits as we wrapped up the evening, some discussing how they fared on their grades, but really just happy to have it over with. I definitely felt the same.

Although content with how I completed my first semester, I was terribly bothered that I didn't do better. This is strange coming from a girl who didn't break her back in school in her teens and early 20's. Competition for scholastic excellence was not anywhere in my thoughts or desires.

Interestingly, something has shifted in me since I last graced a classroom some 17 years ago. For starters, I am paying for it. Secondly, I chose to go, taking over a year to make this very important decision... that I was paying for. School was no longer something I had to do, and because it was my choice, I had a burning desire to do excellently and be a top honors student.

Hm. I have become Hermione Granger.

Yea, I have turned into one of those annoying, goody-two-shoes, way too serious, shushing-people-in-class kind of girls. Just last night I looked up my AP Bones grade in the grade-posting binder and was disgusted to see that my grade wasn't the highest. "Someone got a half a point higher than me," I muttered. One of my classmates looked over my shoulder, "Yeah, that was me... get used to it."

Um, them's fightin' words and I will not be beat, thank you very much. Slowly I turned and glared... "Oh really? Just wait until we get to muscles, pal..."

I have a new resolve to crush this young, twenty-something man into submission to my supreme intelligence. The remainder of anatomy and physiology, kinesiology and pathology are MINE to CONQUER and I will NOT be thwarted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(evil laugh, here)

No... Really... I am not in school to prove myself with top honors. That is silly (sort of). Truly, I am on a mission to be a body worker. God made me a healer, and I am blessed with the opportunity to get an education to help me hone this gift.

Some folk may have to go down for me to achieve this... this is only natural... survival of the fittest and finest and smartest. HA!

I say this all, of course, with a twinkle in my eye and love in my heart. rushing my classmates is not desirable and actually I love studying and learning with them. This is an amazing experience. If anything, regardless of just how far up the academic ladder I get, it proves to me that youth is truly wasted on the young.