March MELT Madness

There is a whole lotta MELT going on out there, from New York to Florida to Oregon & California.

Of course, it is happening right here in Connecticut!  Come check out one or both of the classes listed below:

Sunday, March 21, 10:30-12:00 90-Minute Intro to MELT
Performance Dance

12 Fitch Street
Norwalk, CT 06855

Fee: $20.00 at the door

To register, email Amanda:

If you missed seeing The MELT Method on Regis & Kelly, now is your chance to see and feel what it is all about!

You can prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging by adding MELT to your life. It will help improve the efficiency and performance in your fitness routine, while enhancing daily life by improving your digestion, helping you sleep better, and reduce stress. Using MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls, and specialized rollers you can learn how to self-treat these issues in your own at home in just minutes a day to create lasting changes.

Be one of the first ten people to register and get a free MELT gift!!

Saturday, March 27, 1:30-2:30 MELT Hand & Foot Master Class
Stamford Center for Natural Healing

111 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
Tel: 203-325-3535

Fee: $10.00 at the door

Improve whole-body balance, eliminate tension in your neck and low back, and instantly feel better! Learn how to self-treat your body with MELT and gain immediate results and lasting changes that will help you maintain a pain-free, active lifestyle…longer.

Learn how the MELT Hand and Foot Treatments can help improve your sports performance, alleviate common foot pain and swelling, reduce chronic wrist and neck strain, and keep your whole body working efficiently! The new self-treatment concept of Hands-off Bodywork™ is sweeping the nation! For a fraction of the cost of a hands-on bodywork treatment, you can learn why MELT truly is the “art of self-care”.

Treat yourself to a relaxing, healthful, and educational Sunday, March 21 at Performance Dance and Saturday, March 27th at the Stamford Center for Natural Healing.