"Discovery Though Dissection"

Massage & Bodywork magazine has recently published an amazingly bold, honest and scientifically fascinating article by Tom Myers titled "Discovery Through Dissection". This article shows the intimately congruous relationship of every muscle, bone, tendon, ligament, nerve, vein and artery through the fascial net as depicted through cadaver dissections. The images, to me, are beautiful, but to others may be quite disturbing, so I set out this disclaimer to proceed with caution.

The work that has been done by Tom, Todd Garcia, Gil Hedley and other esteemed anatomists and 'somanauts' of our current time is quite profound. Their research and discoveries are changing the way we look at the human form and treat it as body workers. As living beings, it is also altering the way we choose to dwell in this incredibly complex mass of systems that we easily take for granted.

I have posted the link to the electronic version of the magazine below. The article begins on Page 34.