Short but Sweet

Well, I must say that last week I fulfilled the parting message from my last post and got three workouts in last week... wish it were five, but three will do. However, the last two workouts felt good and my muscles are still talking to me a bit. Now it is Tuesday, 5:30am... I am blinking, yawning and drinking coffee, with the plan to get on the roller and MELT a bit. Maybe I will even get on my spin bike!

Next week will definitely prove to be a success... I am ON VACATION!! IN FLORIDA!! My motivation, aside from wanting to be outside, breathing clean citrus air in my lungs, will be to 'keep-butt-in-bikini-bottom'. There is nothing better than an early morning Florida run and a loooong walk on the beach.

On another note, the new MELT Method website will be up on Thursday. The site looks amazing, so be sure to check it out... and register for classes, of course!

Tonight: Erg 3000 meters and start packing!