On and Off the Fitness Wagon

There is a reason why I have named my business, and thus this blog, "Consistent Fitness." Mostly, it is to show my potential and current clients that in order to live well, you have to do so consistently. Yet, the other reason is to hold myself accountable and shame myself when I do indeed fall off the wagon, ending any consistent streak.

This is one of those times. A time of shame and accountability (sigh.....).

If you saw my last post, you know that I had a terrible cold that extended a good three weeks. Now, doctors and fitness experts (including myself!) will tell you that you can work out with a cold, so long as you do so with in your body's current limits. If your body says 'no way', it is best you listen.

My body NEVER says 'LETS GO PULL A 10K ON THE ERG!!' when I have even a drop of the sniffles. I took that to be the devil whisering in my ear, so I swatted him away and got on the rowing machine any way... and made my cold worse (big sigh............).

I truly cannot stand how sensitive my body can be and yet, it is the one the Lord gave me, so who am I to argue. However, the cold is gone, but the motivation has yet to kick in. Of course there was a time change recently, so I can blame that, but really??

I think I am the best example for my clients because they can look at me and say "Trainers are people, too." If I were always perky and energetic, I would be someone else. No, I get attacked with the lazies and fall hard off the fitness wagon. Then, I slowly get back on, as I did today, weak as a kitten and wishing I were taking a nap. But I did it all the same!

Tomorrow, my plan is to go to the pool and swim before work. Pray for me!