Another week gone...

Today has been a lazylazylazylazy Sunday. I was in pj's until 2:00p. I felt like a dirty sloth. However, I shouldn't feel too bad as I am happy to report that I did manage to succeed in a few workouts this past week as well as teaching two MELT classes. Success!! There is nothing better that the feeling of mildly sore muscles from an honest workout. A good thing I MELTed myself or I would be in a lot worse shape (If you are reading this and are scratching your head asking "What the heck is MELT??", please see the side bar or go to

Tomorrow starts a new week and the last before I go to Florida for vacation (hooooraaaaahhhh!!). Now, more than ever, I must focus on consistent fitness so that my butt will stay in my bikini bottom.

Happy week all... and may we all record at least 3 workouts this week!